//Daniel Burke (b.1960) has been making experimental music in the Chicago area since 1983. He also works with photography, graphic design, and video. Initially inspired to manipulate sound by witnessing the final performances of Throbbing Gristle in 1981, he was the founding member of Illusion Of Safety. His work continues to develop through a need to explore a relationship with beauty, the nature of sound and a desire to subvert structure. He works with diverse instrumentation including sampler, computer, synthesizer, field recordings, melodica, processing devices, guitar, and various small objects in both improvisation and composition. Burke has collaborated with artists such as Jon Mueller, Randy Greif, Darin Gray, Zev, Cheer-Accident, Jim O'Rourke, Thomas Dimuzio, Kevin Drumm, and Jeff Jerman. He has released over 30 full length records as Illusion Of Safety or with various collaborators, and has performed over 350 concerts since 1992 in Europe and North America. Notable performances include No Fun 2008, the Wroclaw Industrial Music Festival 2009, Sonic Circuits in 2010, and collaboration with Shen Wei Dance Arts performed live at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in June 2011.

  //Burke has continued to explore photography and graphic design, providing graphics for most Illusion Of Safety releases. He began exploring the medium of acrylic paint in 2004 through 2007 by taking part in a yearly 2 week course with painter Leigh Hyams at Esalen Institute. In 2007 he began work with video for use in live performance. The first results were used as backing imagery for the Illusion Of Safety 25th anniversary tour to Europe in February and April 2008. He has also made videos for the bands CHEER-ACCIDENT, and D.Rider

   //Burke has been developing his underwater photography skill since 2003. Taking primarily macro pictures of coral reefs in Thailand, Indonesia, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean. He has publshed a limited edition book of photos which reveal the complexity, harmony, and beauty of the underwater landscape. In addition he has continued work on "The Impossible Reef" series, utilizing photoshop to collage elements of coral reef architecture to create fantastical images that could only exist through the collaboration of human hands and natural occurrence.

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